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We support cross-cultural dialog between Germany, Latin America and Spain on a scientific, political and cultural level.


Our international projects are aimed at examining past authoritarian regimes and conflicts to promote the importance of democratic values and responsibilities, and of human rights.

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Ulrich Käsemann 8.4.1939 - 2.2.2021

The Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation mourns the death of Ulrich Käsemann, brother of Elisabeth Käsemann and father of director of the Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation, Dr. Dorothee Weitbrecht. As family member of a victim of the Argentinean military dictatorship and member of the "Coalition against Impunity in Argentina", he contributed to international initiatives in the search for truth and justice concerning the crimes against humanity committed by the last Argentinian dictatorship 1976-1983.

Ulrich Käsemann

Ulrich Käsemann on the occasion of the awarding of the Elisabeth Käsemann Prize at the Wildermuth Gymnasium in Tübingen, July 2020.