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With the MEMORIA initiative, the Elisabeth Käsemann Foundation is providing German and Latin American experts in the fields of legal processing and pedagogical communication of crimes against humanity the opportunity of a regular moderated exchange of expertise.

MEMORIA – Memorial Site Working Group

  • Communicating the importance of preserving and creating places of remembrance for society as a whole
  • Further developing the pedagogical mission of places of remembrance
  • Promoting the importance of protecting individual, legal, economic, social and cultural human rights as part of a processual development of awareness based on past experiences
  • Further developing methods and strategies of communicating autocratic and conflictual pasts
  • Discourse on new scientific approaches in dealing with the past in a time where contemporary witnesses can no longer give their accounts, e.g., augmented and virtual reality
  • Broadening intercultural competence within the culture of remembrance
  • Exchange of experiences from the daily routine of memorial sites and places of learning, and concerning specific national or individual problem areas
  • Presentation of Best Practice projects
  • Language of communication: Spanish

MEMORIA – Legal Working Group

  • The working group is contributing to the dialog on practical and scientific issues in the field of international criminal law processing of crimes against humanity
  • Development of new international approaches in the legal processing of crimes against humanity
  • New impulses for German and Argentinian judicature and jurisprudence
  • Intercultural understanding and intensification of German-Argentinian cooperation
  • Promotion of democratic culture and social peace
  • Protection of human rights
  • Language of communication: English


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